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Create a Fundraiser

We invite & challenge businesses, organizations, groups and individuals to create their own BBBS 7 Rivers Region fundraiser.  


Contact us so we can coordinate everything with you.


We would be able to get you information, graphics and guidance on how to get the right message out about the fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the 7 Rivers Region.  We are here to help!



Creating a fundraiser can be as detailed as you want.

  • Have employees do a pledge as a donation

  • Create an event for your employees & their families

  • Partner with other businesses or organizations on creating an event

  • Take an existing event and have the proceeds go to BBBS 7 Rivers Region

  • Have people buy tickets to win things - doesn't have to be expensive or big prizes.  Could be 1/2 day off from work?  Free lunch?  Gift Cards?  Use your imagination.  The more unique the more interest!

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