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Match Support is an integral and required part of all of our programs. It focuses on child safety, relationship building, and fostering a sense of community with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Match support is your opportunity to share with BBBS staff any observations, challenges, and positive experiences you've had in your match. We will be able to provide resources and coaching that will help everyone involved in the match work through any challenges as they arise. Our Program Specialists will explain the requirements of Match Support during your interview and will work with you throughout your time in the program to ensure contacts work with your schedule.

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Our matches spend a lot of fun, quality time together. Big Brothers Big Sisters works hard to provide as many opportunities for our matches to share experiences as possible! We work with area businesses to offer discounts for matches to use on outings together. When you are matched, you will receive a Big Benefit card endorsed by a BBBS staff member that may need to be presented to receive a discount.

The discounts offered are renewed annually and are up to date through the end of 2024.


* indicates that offer is not exclusive to BBBS 7 Rivers Region

Big Benefit Card


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La Crosse Buy one get one free

childrens museum

La Crosse Buy one admission, get one free.


La Crosse 10% off entire order

sparta cinema_edited.jpg

Sparta Admission price covered for Little with normal admission price for Big

eagles nest

La Crosse Buy one get one of equal or lesser value on any entrée with or without a side (includes wings, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, & salads)


Onalaska $2 games of bowling with free shoe rentals


La Crosse 10% off of regular merchandise Cannot be combined with other offers

pump house 2_edited.jpg

La Crosse Buy one get one free of our Monthly Clay Class.


La Crosse Admission price covered for Little with normal admission price for Big

escape room

La Crosse 10% off escape room experiences for Matches.  Code: bigbrothersbigsisters25

La Crosse Loggers

La Crosse Buy one grandstand seat, get one free


La Crosse & Onalaska Free small 1-topping pizza or single order of topperstix for Little with purchase of any pizza or topperstix for Big


La Crosse 10% of entire order


Acoustic Cafe

Winona Free Lemonade with purchase of a half hoagie

anthem skatepark_edited.jpg

Winona Half price admission for Big, free admission for Little


La Crescent Buy one, get one free - single scoop ice cream

Lark Toys

Kellogg Buy one get one free

Nate and Allys

Winona 10% off entire order

Blooming grounds_edited.jpg

Winona Buy a Big's meal, get a Little's meal free


Winona Half price admission for Big, free admission for Little


Winona $5 total admission for a Big & Little with the presentation of your Discount card

Westgate Bowling.jpg

Winona $2 (33% off) per game, $1 (50% off) shoe rental


Winona Free small 1-topping pizza or single order of topperstix for Little with purchase of any pizza or topperstix for Big

Air insanity.jpg

Rochester $2 off all regular priced open jump tickets

owl center_edited.jpg

Houston 50% discount to both the Big and the Little when identification is shown


Activity Ideas

Children Lining for Treats


- Visit an apple orchard - Go to a corn maze - Visit a pumpkin patch - Carve or paint pumpkins - Go to a haunted house - Attend trick or treating events - Scary movie night with popcorn - Make caramel apples - Make halloween costumes - Rake leaves for a neighbor - Collect leaves and identify the trees they fell from

Egg Hunting


- ​Create Greeting Cards for “May Day” or “Easter” - Plant flowers or other plants - Visit a community garden and volunteer - Create sidewalk srt with chalk - Color together outside - Pick up litter for Earth Day

Kids in the Museum


- Go for a walk to collect interesting rocks - Learn and play card games - Play badminton or croquet - Go on a scavenger hunt - Visit a pet store - Start a scrapbook - Read a book - Go bowling - Go to a roller rink - Play a board game - Visit a museum - Ask to visit a local fire or police station - Visit the humane society; offer to walk the dogs - Play video games together - Shop for and cook a meal - Bake a tasty treat - Learn to do something difficult - Paint portraits of one another - Start a new hobby - Start a collection - Build a model car, plane, or rocket - Start a book club for you and other matches - Visit the public library - Work with clay or paper mâché - Research your family tree - Attend your Little’s school play of sporting event to cheer them on! - Start a tv show together - Do a science project using household products - Make a volcano - Go to a trampoline park - Watch a local sports team - Help your Little with a school project - Take your Little to your place of employment - Have a fire and roast smores - Create or paint pottery - Try an escape room - Go stargazing - Make a log cabin out of popsicle sticks - Try out a new restaurant - Try a new food together - Go to the movie theater - Do a puzzle - Play at an arcade - Tiedie t-shirts - Go to the YMCA - Teach your Little a valuable life skills, including maintaining a bicycle, doing an oil change, changing a tire, tying a tie, etc. - Ask your Little teach you something - Volunteer together - Visit a planetarium - Visit a new coffee shop - Go shopping - Do a get to know you game/competition - Go to goodwill and thrift an outfit for one another - Attend a BBBS REACH event - Make a calendar to schedule your outings together - Start a journal for your outings - Make friendship bracelets - Visit a local courthouse - Make paper airplanes - Try out a ropes course or rock climbing - Go to a gem and mineral show - Create a puppet show - Create a movie or trailer - Run errands with your Little and teach them about budgeting - Write a letter to your Little on your match anniversary sharing what you have learned about them in the last year - Learn a new language - Look up new words in the dictionary - Plan for a money-earning project and save money for a special event - Practice completing job and college applications - Learn and play a musical instrument - Visit a college campus - Teach your Little good phone etiquette - Take a first aid class - Build and bury a time capsule - Paint a fence or room - Go to a dance performance, concert, or art show

Be Patient

- Big Sister Lexi

“My biggest advice to a new big is to be patient and go in with an open mind, I truly can’t emphasize it enough.   I wish I went into my match with more of an open mind.


I thought it was going to be easy from the first time I met her, and to be honest it wasn’t.   I had to show her that I was someone she could trust.


Having a Little is not always easy and it’s a very big responsibility.   But, through patience and an open mind it will be one of the best experiences you will have.   BBBS is an amazing opportunity, one that not everyone gets to participate in.


Always remember to be patient, kind, and have fun.   You are going to make such a difference in a child’s life”.

Winter Sports


- ​Bake & frost christmas cookies - Make a gift for someone special - Go to the Rotary Lights - Watch a holiday movie - Try ice skating - Go caroling - Build a snowman or snow fort - Go sledding - Go skiing or snowboarding

Playing in Sand


- ​Fly a kite - Feed ducks at a park (if allowed) - Have a picnic - Make a bug cage - Visit a zoo/petting zoo - Go mini golfing - Build and decorate a birdhouse - Learn how to rollerblade/skate - Host an at-home car wash - Go for a bike ride - Go to a circus, county fair, or carnival - Go to the farmers market - Watch a parade - Go horseback riding - Go for a hike - Explore the bluffs - Watch a fireworks show - Go swimming at a pool - Play in the sprinkler - Go to a splash pad - Explore a new park - Play frisbee golf - Play basketball, volleyball, or soccer - Go go-karting - Blow bubbles - Start a lemonade stand - Have a water balloon fight - Create an obstacle course - Visit a farm - Go to a beach and build a sandcastle - Mow a neighbors lawn - Go fishing - Go tubing, canoeing, or rafting - Go bird watching - Pick strawberries or raspberries - Plant a tree - Go to a horse, dog, or cat show - Geocaching (“Geocaching” free on app store)

Don't Get Discouraged

- Big Brother Logan

“It’s tough at first. It’s a tough adjustment to be able to work into your Match.  It’s difficult to get started because you don’t necessarily know where to start.


Just be confident in yourself and know that whatever you’re doing is making an impact. Taking small steps is the first thing that you can do.   Eventually, those will grow into bigger things.   Small changes and small moments can really make big differences later.   Don’t get discouraged”.

Show Up

- Big Sister Jazlynne

“Don’t get discouraged. It’s likely that your Little has had someone betray their trust or just doesn’t feel comfortable opening up to a stranger. That’s okay!


Make sure to let them know you’re always around when they’re ready to talk.   I like to share stories with my Little about things I struggled with at her age, such as making friends or focusing on schoolwork, as a reminder that I was once eleven too.   It’s okay if you don’t have all the right answers.


You just have to show up”.   Being persistent in your relationship with your Little will show that you’re not just around when they’re at their best.


Sometimes all they need is someone that will stay connected no matter the season of life they’re in."

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