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No gift is too small. No dream for the future is too BIG!


For over 55 years, we have helped thousands of young people as they build community, grow their confidence, and learn lessons from their mentors that will last a lifetime.


Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference, inspiring kindness and hope. With your generous support today, we can reach more young people and empower their potential in the years ahead. Together, we can create an even bigger, more powerful mentorship program and ensure that every young person reaches their full potential!



Big Brothers Big Sisters of the 7 Rivers Region has been bringing life-changing mentorships to youth in the region since 1969. BBBS7 started as a program that was run by La Crosse County, Wisconsin until the early 1990s.


In 1994, BBBS became an independent agency, BBBS of the Coulee Region, and in 1999, a satellite office was opened in Winona.


On January 1st, 2009, BBBS of the Coulee Region officially changed its name to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the 7 Rivers Region to better reflect the many communities we serve.


Today we serve over one hundred children each year in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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