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Our Programs


We are the oldest, largest, most studied, and most proven mentoring program.  We continually prove, through independent research, to change the lives of youth, for the better, forever.


Community-Based matches do activities in public such as going to a park, out to eat, or to a baseball game. This offers the match the freedom to choose what they do together and where and when they have their outings.

  • Children in this program are typically between the ages of 7-14 but can be matched between ages 5-17 and remain matched throughout high school.

  • A strong partnership between the Little's Parent or Guardian and the volunteer is key to developing a successful Community-Based match.


Site-Based matches meet at a specified site such as a school, The Boys & Girls Club, or another organized after-school program. The matches can participate in a planned activity or do something on their own together such as Ping Pong, games, crafts, or cooking.


This program provides a structured environment that offers plenty of activities and resources for a match to have fun together.

  • Some schools bus children to the Boys and Girls Club, or the parent can transport the child there.

  • To enroll a child in Site Based the child must be between the ages of 5-17 but can remain matched until age 18.

  • Parent or Guardian involvement is less than the Community-Based program, but they do provide information that helps with matching their child appropriately and match updates to BBBS staff a few times annually.


Site-Based Plus is a hybrid program combining aspects of the Community Based program with a site where the match can meet regularly to take advantage of the organized activities and other resources provided there.

  • As with a Community-Based match, a strong partnership with the Little's Parent or Guardian is key to developing a successful Site-Based Plus match.

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